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Peter Hird

Accountability Coach


Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time

Jim Rohn

Sound like you…

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling work scenario? Justifying it to yourself because you need to pay bills – so you can’t change or leave? Do you believe that now you’re older that’s just how it is? You’re too old to learn anything new, and internet sensations just do not seem real to you? Your friends are all so busy at weekends, while yours simply come and go unfulfilled? Your relationship is stale and making you unhappy, you do not know how to fix it, so make do? Do you believe that waking up, going to work and returning so tired, having a bit of food and sleep then repeating it day after day is all you’re worth? Then …Wake the f*ck up and smellthatcoffee.co.uk!!!

As an Accountability Coach, I provide a double steaming espresso shot to wake up your senses. I do not do fluff or snowflake vanity cases. My approach is direct, action-orientated and leads to real change and results. I use structured processes and proven interventions tested over many years of personal and academic experience. No new age mumbo jumbo. I am old school, just like an honest friend, who is as determined as you to make the changes with you. Not for you!

All results, of course, are the responsibility of YOU and the action you take. It’s your life, but if you are willing and need some support and perspective, a mentor to hold you accountable, someone impartial to be there if it does not go right the first time – then I have the change beans to brew a perfect cup of success for you. From addiction to ambition, family, personal or work, my down to earth genuine approach will empower, stimulate, and guide you back to your chosen path and even open up unexplored ones too.

All too many people have accepted where they are is all they are worth. In 2018 – 71 million people were prescribed antidepressants. Currently, 1 in 4 people have mental health issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar.  This is increasing year on year.  Are you living an unsatisfied life day after day? You may well be making money or own your own business, yet you are stuck in the mousetrap taking home a wage but feeling unfulfilled.  In fairness, this may be fine for you – your own cup of “comfort” and that’s okay for some. If however you feel it’s dark and dull and no matter how much milk and sugar you add it still tastes like sh*t, then it’s time to change the mix! If you know there is something better out there and need some support to get you there, then let’s put it all into perspective.

FACT:- Average life span is 70 years for males 72 for females. If your pension allows you to stop work at 65, then your entire working life has been spent waiting to enjoy just 5 or 7 years in retirement where you will likely be so exhausted no amount of coffee can help.

Remember you are always one decision away…
from a totally different life!

Mark Batterson

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Life is for living, don’t settle for second best or mediocrity, wake up and smell that coffee, get yourself some accountability!
Peter Hird

My life Journey

My Life Journey:

I was raised well. Two parents both loving and attentive.  I would say I was spoilt.  I have a younger sister and we grew up in the affluent south of England.  Still, as a lad, I found a path less desirable and my rebellion years took a lot longer than expected to return back from.  It resulted in me being in and out of hospital confused, no future, was this all life had for me?

Peer pressure did not agree with me. Many 18-year-olds dabble, live close to the wire and move on. I found myself hospitalised after suffering a breakdown. The initial three months rolled into three years. The formative years of my life were wasted.  I saw things I hope you never see. I was locked up and institutionalised, all while battling anxiety, depression and regret.

There were times I thought I’d never make it out. All I wanted was to wake up from the nightmare- to go home and see a familiar face.  I was told I’d never make it. I was told I wasn’t good enough. My life had ended before it had begun. But, giving up has NEVER been my style.

I knew there was more. A voice inside told me, there is something better and you can do this  – I had to seek it out! I realized it was my voice and that I was still in there, rebuilding and renewing. I refused to give up on me. I saw it as a challenge. My resolve strengthened. I was determined not be a statistic. I came to the realisation that someone else’s opinion is nothing more than that -an opinion! What really matters is how you feel when you are alone with yourself. Everything happens for a reason, and I believe we must take all of life’s learnings, no matter how hard they hit us.  We have to get up and take action!

You can achieve what you desire and never let anyone hold you back.  If Henry Ford had asked for a popular opinion on what to invent, people would say faster horses!  To make a difference you have to believe in yourself first!  There will always be the naysayers, those stuck in mediocrity and comfort. I have learned that you do not have to limit your life to others’ expectations.  You can set your own compass. Walk your own path, there is only one YOU.  That’s why others cannot do what you do, believe that and you can write your own story.

Fast forward and I have spent over 20 years in major blue-chip companies.  I worked hard, I played hard. I climbed the ranks getting maximum bonuses and pay rises and taking my teams on personal journeys.   I made it my mission to help others progress and find their talent.

I smashed through all of my goals but still, I wanted more.  The connection is what really matters to me. I found my own talent – helping others to create their own personal success story.

When I met my partner, we faced incredibly stressful infertility battles. However, the miracle of life came to us when our firstborn Lexie arrived. WOW –  amazing –  my life changed overnight.  I always dreamed that I’d be the perfect father, all I can say is I do my best!  8 years later, after a journey with IVF we had our second child Nancy and our family was complete.  We live in comfort and security with the knowledge that by striving for what we desire, we have achieved our happy ever after.

The secret to happiness is knowing exactly what you want and recognising the true riches in life.  Your aspirations, desires and dreams are not dead until you are.   If you have breath in your body, you have time to turn your life around. It’s time to wake up and smell that coffee.

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